African Bonsai Association is one of the 9 members of World Bonsai Friendship Federation(WBFF)

Our mission to promote and diffuse throughout Africa, a living art that can be appreciated by all peoples … actively exchange knowledge, technology information, etc., related to the art of bonsai among countries of the world, thus advancing international friendship and goodwill.

In the mid 1980’s John Naka from the USA approached Derry Ralph to form the African Region under the World Bonsai Friendship Federation (WBFF). The WBFF's goal is to promote and actively exchange, Bonsai creativity, technology and information and the promoting of international friendship and goodwill.

In April 1987 the first steering committee from various countries around the world, convened in Osaka Japan to consider the establishment of a “World Bonsai Friendship Federation”.

On 6 April, 1989, the inaugural meeting of the WBFF was held in Omiya Japan. 32 Countries participated. A draft Constitution was presented under an umbrella organisation known as African Bonsai Association and was accepted and Africa included as a WBFF founding member.
Origin of African Bonsai Association (ABA)
African Bonsai Convention 5, (ABC5) will be held by South African Bonsai Association (SABA) and hosted by the Bonsai Regional Association of the Transvaal (BRAT).
The venue is Safari Garden Centre
Lynnewood Road
Pretoria East.
24-27 October 2019
African Bonsai Convention 5
African Bonsai Association
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